Fire Alarm Systems at various Hotels

Most of the Hotels in Cyprus enjoy the safety of Notifier by Honeywell Fire Alarm systems. The Tour Operators demand high standards for Life Safety systems and Wave Electronics matches their needs. The installed systems meet their approvals. Below a list of Wave electronics’ satisfied customers:
Louis Imperial Beach, The Royal Apollonia Hotel, Louis Phaethon Beach, Alexander The Great Beach Hotel, Olympic Lagoon Resort, Constantinos The Great Beach Hotel, Odessa Hotel, Tsokkos Sun Garden Apts, Vrissiana Beach Hotel, Tsokkos Polycarpia Hotel, Papantonia Hotel Apts, Ascos Beach Hotel, Ann Maria Hotel, Tsokkos Paradise Village, Tsokkos Holiday 1, Tsokkos Holiday 2, Marlita Beach Hotel, Ausonia Hotel Apts, Anastasia Beach Hotel, Iliada Beach Hotel, Antigoni Hotel Sunrise Beach Hotel, Tasia Maris Sands, Tasia Maris Hotel, Tasia Maris Oasis, River Rock Hotel, Arsinoe Beach Hotel, Anthea Hotel Apts, Sentido Kouzalis Beach Hotel, Sentido Cypria Bay, Kapetanios Bay Hotel, Kapetanios Odyssia Hotel, Centrum Hotel, Kissos Hotel,


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